All about Ruiner Xbox game

All about Ruiner Xbox game

Ruiner is a cyberpunk action game set in a world of neon-drenched skyscrapers and polluted rainforests, where the only thing more dangerous than the mutants roaming the streets are the corporate forces that control everything. You play as Max, a mercenary who has been betrayed and left for dead on the streets of Neo-Tokyo. Using his skills as a hacker and street fighter, Max must take on the city’s corrupt elite in a fight for survival.

Deatils of Ruiner Xbox Gameplay

Ruiner is an Xbox game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players take control of a character who has to fight their way through the city, while trying to find food and supplies. The game features a variety of weapons and enemies, as well as a number of different challenges that players can complete in order to earn rewards.

Why to play Ruiner Xbox game

Ruiner is a game that is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must fight to survive. The game features an interesting combat system that allows players to take down enemies with ease. Additionally, the game has a great story that will keep players engaged.

Best game tips

-Use ruiner to quickly and easily destroy objects in your environment.
-Use ruiner’s ricochet effect to bounce objects off of other objects and walls, dealing additional damage.
-Destroy enemies and obstacles with Ruiner’s powerful primary attack, or use its secondary fire to launch a wave of destruction that travels across the ground.

Walkthrough of Ruiner

1. Start by selecting the “Ruiner” icon from the main menu.

2. You will be prompted to select a character to play as.

3. Once you have selected your character, you will be taken to the game’s main menu.

4. From here, you can select between different modes of play, or start a new game by selecting “New Game.”

5. The game’s main menu will then prompt you to choose between two different difficulty levels: Easy or Hard.

Best Alternatives to Ruiner

1. No Man’s Sky
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
3. Forza Horizon 4
4. Gears of War 5
5. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Game Length. How long to beat Ruiner

It takes around 10 hours to beat Ruiner.


Ruiner is a game that was in development for the Xbox One, but was cancelled in February of 2018.

Game Details

  • Developer: Reikon Games
  • Genre: Shooter,nan,nan,nan
  • Release date: 43004
  • Microsoft Store: Game
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