All about Flockers Xbox game

All about Flockers Xbox game

Flockers is a new Xbox game that allows players to control a flock of birds. The game is set in a beautiful and lush environment and players must use their skills to help the birds survive.

Deatils of Flockers Xbox Gameplay

In Flockers, the player controls a flock of birds that must navigate through a series of obstacles in order to collect food. The game is played on a 2D plane and the player must use the birds’ wings to fly through the air and avoid obstacles.

Why to play Flockers Xbox game

There are many reasons to play Flockers Xbox game. Some people enjoy playing games that require quick reflexes and strategic thinking. Others may enjoy the challenge of trying to keep a group of birds in the air as long as possible. Flockers is a fun and challenging game that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Best game tips

-Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face
-Avoid close contact with other people
-Stay calm and keep a positive attitude
-If you see someone being sick or injured, stay away from them and call for help
-Stay away from animals that are acting strange or are showing signs of illness

Walkthrough of Flockers

1. Download and install Flockers on your device.
2. Open the app and create a new flock.
3. Add your friends by tapping on their profile picture and selecting “Add Friend.”
4. Once your friends are added, start playing the game by tapping on the green “Play” button in the top left corner of the screen.
5. Use your finger to swipe left and right to move the birds around the screen, and use your other finger to tap on objects to feed them or pick up objects they’ve dropped.
6. The goal of Flockers is to help as many of the birds as possible reach the food at the bottom of the screen before it disappears for good.

Best Alternatives to Flockers

1. Forza Horizon 4 – A racing game set in beautiful open worlds with stunning graphics.

2. Gears of War 4 – A third person shooter set in a dystopian future where humans are fighting for survival against the Locust Horde.

3. Halo 5: Guardians – The next installment in the popular Halo franchise, which is set in a new and exciting world.

4. Forza Horizon 3 – A racing game set in beautiful open worlds with stunning graphics.

Game Length. How long to beat Flockers

It takes about an hour to beat Flockers.


Flockers is a game for Xbox One that was in development by Playground Games. The game was cancelled in March 2019.

The game was announced at E3 2019, and it was described as a “multiplayer party game” where players would control chickens that ran around a farm. Players would use the Kinect to control the chickens, and they could interact with other players by sharing eggs or giving them food.

Game Details

  • Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd.
  • Genre: Estrategia , Simulación,nan,nan
  • Release date: 19/09/2014
  • Microsoft Store: Game
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