All about Picture Party VR PS4 game

All about Picture Party VR PS4 game

Picture Party VR is a virtual reality game for PlayStation 4 that allows players to interact with friends and family in a fun and safe environment. Players can take photos and videos of themselves and their friends in various settings, including at a birthday party, pool party, or just hanging out. Players can also share their photos and videos with others online.

Explain Picture Party VR PS4 Gameplay

Picture Party VR is a PlayStation 4 game that allows players to experience a virtual reality version of the popular party game. Players can choose to be either the host or guest, and must help the other player select a picture to put on the wall. The game features various challenges, such as selecting a picture that is both funny and creative, and must be completed in time limit.

Why to play Picture Party VR PS4 game

Picture Party VR is a great game for anyone who loves to have fun and be entertained. The game is easy to play and you can quickly get into it, making it a great choice for when you want to spend some time on your own or with friends.

Best Picture Party VR PS4 game tips.

Picture Party VR is a virtual reality game that allows players to take pictures with friends in a variety of settings. The game includes a variety of photo modes, including a “Crazy Mode” that challenges players to take the best photos possible in a short amount of time.

Best Alternatives to Picture Party VR

1. Beat Saber – In Beat Saber, you use your PlayStation 4 controller to slash and block incoming swords as they come at you from all directions. The faster the rhythm, the more points you earn.

2. RIGS Mechanized Combat League – In RIGS Mechanized Combat League, you pilot giant mechanized combat suits in a fast-paced, futuristic sport. Use your weapons and abilities to battle your way to the top of the league.

3. Rez Infinite – Rez Infinite is a stunning VR shooter that takes you on a journey through an infinite universe of beautiful and dangerous worlds. Use your motion controllers to shoot enemies and collect power-ups as you explore this unique universe.

4. Job Simulator – In Job Simulator, you can take on jobs ranging from being a professional barista to working in a factory. Use your hands and keyboard to control everything from the speed of your coffee brewing to the precise placement of each product on the shelf.


We are developing a virtual reality game for the Playstation 4. The game is called “Party VR” and it is a social party game where players can interact with each other in VR.

Game Details

  • Genre: Casual, Family, Party
  • Release date: 12/05/2018
  • PlayStation Store: Game

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