All about Birthdays the Beginning PS4 game

All about Birthdays the Beginning PS4 game

Birthdays the Beginning is a party game for up to 8 players that takes place on a birthday party. Players must help the birthday girl pick out her outfit, make her cake, and get ready for the party. The game features over 100 different items to choose from, including hats, glasses, and even cake toppers.

Explain Birthdays the Beginning PS4 Gameplay

In Birthdays the Beginning, players take on the role of a birthday celebrant who must help organize and plan the perfect day for their friends and family. The game features a variety of activities and events to choose from, as well as an in-game shop where players can purchase unique items to add to their celebrations.

Why to play Birthdays the Beginning PS4 game

Birthdays the Beginning is a puzzle game that challenges players to match tiles in order to create a birthday cake. The game features a variety of levels and different themes, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and challenging puzzle game.

Best Birthdays the Beginning PS4 game tips.

1. Have a birthday party! Invite your friends and family, and have a fun time celebrating with games, cake, and presents.

2. Make a wish list of things you want for your birthday, and ask your friends and family to buy you those items if they can.

3. Celebrate by doing something you love! Go out for a movie or dinner with your friends, or take a day off work to relax in nature or go shopping.

4. Send someone special a birthday gift that shows how much you care. Maybe make them breakfast in bed, buy them flowers, or write them a heartfelt note.

Best Alternatives to Birthdays the Beginning

1. The Escapists 2: The New Challengers
2. Stardew Valley
3. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
4. Rocket League
5. Nioh


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Game Details

  • Developer: NIS America Inc.
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Release date: 5/09/2017
  • PlayStation Store: Game

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