All about Red Faction II Xbox game

All about Red Faction II Xbox game

Red Faction II is an action-packed, 3D shooter set in the future where the Earth is a barren and ruined planet. The game follows the story of a group of rebels who fight to free their world from the oppressive rule of the Earth Defense Force.

Deatils of Red Faction II Xbox Gameplay

Red Faction II is an action-packed, first-person shooter set in the future where the Earth has been taken over by the Red Faction. You play as either the Red Faction or the Earth Defense Force, and must fight your way through a series of levels to take back the planet. The game features a variety of weapons and abilities, as well as a robust multiplayer mode that lets you battle against other players online.

Why to play Red Faction II Xbox game

Red Faction II is a great game because it has a lot of action and it is also very fun.

Best game tips

-Use cover to your advantage.
-Stay mobile and use the environment to your advantage.
-Use grenades and explosives to take out enemies from a distance.
-Stay alert and watch your back at all times.

Walkthrough of Red Faction II

1. Start the game and choose your character.

2. Head to the base and talk to your commander.

3. Choose a mission from the list and head out to complete it.

4. Return to base and report your findings.

Best Alternatives to Red Faction II

1. Halo 3: ODST – A thrilling and action-packed shooter that takes players on an epic journey across the galaxy.

2. Gears of War 2 – A gripping first-person shooter that features intense combat and stunning graphics.

3. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – A blockbuster first-person shooter that delivers an unprecedented level of realism and excitement.

4. Battlefield 1942 – An intense World War II battle game that offers a unique experience for online gamers.

Game Length. How long to beat Red Faction II

It takes around 10 hours to beat Red Faction II on Normal difficulty.


Red Faction II was developed by Volition, the same company that created the Saints Row series. The game was published by THQ and released in October of 2006.

Game Details

  • Developer: Volition
  • Genre: Clásicos , Shooter,nan,nan
  • Release date: 16/10/2002
  • Microsoft Store: Game
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