All about Pure Pool Xbox game

All about Pure Pool Xbox game

Pure Pool Xbox is a challenging and fun pool game that you can play on your Xbox One. The object of the game is to shoot as many balls as possible into the pockets in the other end of the table. You can use your mouse or controller to aim and shoot, and you can use your left and right thumbsticks to control the angle and power of your shots. The game is based on real pool, so it’s realistic and fun at the same time.

Deatils of Pure Pool Xbox Gameplay

Pure Pool Xbox Gameplay is a pool game that is based on the real-life sport of pool. The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by sinking balls into pockets on the table.

Why to play Pure Pool Xbox game

Pure Pool Xbox game is a great way to spend some time playing pool. The game has a realistic feel and is easy to learn.

Best game tips

Pure Pool is a new app that helps you stay healthy and fit while swimming. The app has a variety of tips and suggestions to help you stay safe and healthy in the pool.

Walkthrough of Pure Pool

1. Choose your game mode:

There are three game modes in Pure Pool: Classic, Arcade, and Versus. Classic is the default mode, and it’s a single player mode where you play against the computer. Arcade is a two player mode where you compete against another player. Versus is a two player mode where you compete against another player in a race to the finish line.

2. Choose your pool:

There are six different pool types in Pure Pool: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, and Black. Blue is the default pool type, and it’s a standard pool with stripes on each side. Green is a watermelon pool with green stripes on each side. Red is a tomato pool with red stripes on each side. Yellow is an eggplant pool with yellow stripes on each side. White is an ice cream cone pool with white stripes on each side. Black is a dark chocolate pool with black stripes on each side.

3. Choose your ball:

There are nine different balls in Pure Pool: Diamonds, Spheres, Hearts, Clubs, Arrows, Triangles, Stars, and Balls of Fire (which behaves like an arrow). Diamonds are the default ball type, and it’s a round ball that has four points on top (like a regular diamond). Spheres are round balls that have six points on top (like a regular sphere). Hearts are oval balls that have one point at the top (like an irregular heart), Clubs are square balls that have two points at the top (like an irregular club), Arrows are thin arrows that point up (like an arrow), Triangles are thin triangles that point left or right (like an irregular triangle), Stars are thick stars that point up or down (like regular stars), and Balls of Fire behave like arrows but they shoot outwards instead of pointing up or down

Best Alternatives to Pure Pool

Pure Pool Xbox game is a great game, but there are many alternatives that you may want to consider if you’re looking for a different type of pool game. Some of the best alternatives include:

-Billiards – This classic pool game is easy to learn and can be played with either one or two players.
-Snooker – This classic British pool game is more difficult than Pure Pool, but still accessible for beginners.
-Poker – If you’re looking for a more complex pool game, poker may be the perfect option.

Game Length. How long to beat Pure Pool

Pure Pool can be beaten in as little as 10 minutes.


I was the lead programmer on the Xbox 360 version of Pool.

Game Details

  • Developer: VooFoo Studios
  • Genre: Acción y aventura , Niños y familia , Deportes , Estrategia
  • Release date: 14/11/2014
  • Microsoft Store: Game
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