All about DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox game

All about DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox game

DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox game is an action-adventure game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the fourth installment in the DMC series and was released for the Xbox 360 on November 18, 2013. The game is a spin-off of the Devil May Cry series and stars Nero, a character from the first three games in the series.

Deatils of DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox Gameplay

In the DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle, you get access to the game’s full content, including the new “Bloody Palace” level and new weapons. You also get a set of armor that gives you increased damage and defense against demons.

Why to play DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox game

If you’re a fan of action-packed, fast-paced games, then you’ll love playing DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox game. This game is packed with intense combat and stunning graphics that will leave you breathless. You’ll have to use all your skills and firepower to take down your enemies, and the challenging gameplay will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Best game tips

The DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle includes the following items:

-DMC4SE game disc
-DMC4SE game manual
-DMC4SE Soundtrack CD
-Demon Hunter Figurine

Walkthrough of DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle

1. Start the game and create a new character.

2. Head to the DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle main menu and select “New Game.”

3. Choose your difficulty and begin playing.

4. Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the “Demon Hunter” achievement/trophy.

Best Alternatives to DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle

1. Destiny: The Taken King – A new adventure begins with Destiny: The Taken King, the biggest expansion to the critically acclaimed blockbuster game Destiny. In this expansion, players must battle against an ancient enemy known as The Darkness, and confront a new threat from the Moon.

2. Forza Horizon 3 – Drive over 400 cars across Australia in one of the most beautiful open worlds ever created in a video game.

3. Gears of War 4 – Fight your way through an epic and dangerous campaign as Marcus Fenix or Dom Santiago, or team up with friends to take on the Locust Horde in epic multiplayer battles.

4. Halo 5: Guardians – An all-new adventure awaits players as they fight to protect humanity from an alien threat known as The Flood. Halo 5: Guardians features stunning graphics that will take your breath away, and introduces a new cooperative multiplayer mode that lets players team up with friends to take on massive challenges.

Game Length. How long to beat DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle

It takes about 8 hours to beat the game.


The DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle Xbox development is a bundle that includes the DMC4SE game for Xbox 360, the official guidebook, and a 2GB memory card. The bundle was made available to Xbox 360 developers who pledged $1,000 or more to the game’s Kickstarter campaign.

The DMC4SE Demon Hunter Bundle was released on December 10, 2013 in North America and December 11, 2013 in Europe.

Game Details

  • Developer: CAPCOM CO., LTD.
  • Genre: Acción y aventura,nan,nan,nan
  • Release date: 5/07/2016
  • Microsoft Store: Game
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