All about Children of Morta Xbox game

All about Children of Morta Xbox game

Children of Morta is an Xbox game that was developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco. It was released on October 13, 2019.

The game is a third-person action-adventure game set in a dark and twisted world where the player controls a female protagonist named Astrid as she searches for her missing brother. The game features combat and exploration elements, with the player able to use Astrid’s whip to fight enemies or use it to swing across chasms.

Deatils of Children of Morta Xbox Gameplay

In the Children of Morta Xbox game, you play as a ghost who must help a young girl named Emily escape from an evil spirit. The game is played in first-person perspective and you use your ghostly powers to interact with objects and people. You must help Emily escape from the spirit world and prevent her from becoming its next victim.

Why to play Children of Morta Xbox game

Children of Morta is an Xbox game that is set in a dark and gothic world. It features action-packed combat and exploration, as players try to find their way out of the dangerous city.

Best game tips

1. Morta is a dark goddess who represents death and the underworld. She is often depicted with a skeletal face and wearing a cloak or gown.

2. Morta is the goddess of the dead, and she helps her followers to transition into the afterlife. She is also known for her wisdom and knowledge, and she can help you to understand your own mortality.

3. If you are looking for guidance in your life, or if you are feeling lost or scared, then you should visit Morta’s temple. She will offer her support and guidance, and she will help you to find your way in the world.

Walkthrough of Children of Morta

1. Start by talking to the spirit of Morta in the Mortuary. He will give you a quest to find his daughter, who has run away.

2. Head to the Cemetery and talk to the ghosts there. They will tell you that Morta’s daughter is in the Crypt.

3. Head to the Crypt and talk to Morta’s daughter. She will tell you that she has been kidnapped by a group of monsters called The Revenant Knights.

4. Head back to the Cemetery and talk to the ghosts there again. They will tell you that The Revenant Knights are located in The Tower.

5. Head to The Tower and fight your way through the monsters there until you reach The Revenant Knights’ leader, Baron Samedi. He will tell you that he wants revenge on Morta for killing his father years ago.

Best Alternatives to Children of Morta

1. Child of Light – A beautiful and whimsical action RPG set in a fantastical world of light and shadow. Play as Aurora, a young girl who must save her kingdom from an evil force known as the Dark Prince.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The epic conclusion to the legendary Elder Scrolls saga, Skyrim brings to life a complete virtual world where you can explore, adventure, and make choices that determine the course of your own destiny.

3. Fallout 4 – The next generation of open-world gaming arrives with Fallout 4 – an epic post-apocalyptic story full of action, adventure and exploration. Join the freedom fighters as they fight for survival against a powerful empire, or create your own role in this world of post-apocalyptic possibilities.

4. Diablo III – Enter the world of Sanctuary – a dark and dangerous place where you must battle against legions of evil to save humanity from an apocalyptic fate. As the last hope for humanity, choose your hero, build an army, and journey into hell to defeat Diablo himself.

Game Length. How long to beat Children of Morta

It takes about 10 hours to beat Children of Morta.


Morta is the daughter of the Xbox development team.

Game Details

  • Developer: Dead Mage
  • Genre: Acción y aventura , Juegos de rol,nan,nan
  • Release date: 15/10/2019
  • Microsoft Store: Game
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