All about Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’ PS4 game

All about Tactics V: 'Obsidian Brigade' PS4 game Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade is a turn-based strategy game set in the world of the Obsidian series. You will take control of a team of mercenaries as they fight their way through enemy territory, completing missions and gathering resources in order to build up their forces and take on bigger challenges.

Explain Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’ PS4 Gameplay

In Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’, the player commands a team of mercenaries in a battle against an opposing force. The game is played from a top-down perspective, with the player controlling units on a battlefield and issuing orders to their troops. The objective of the game is to defeat the enemy forces, and the player can achieve this by attacking enemy units, capturing key locations, or destroying enemy structures.

Why to play Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’ PS4 game

Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’ is a turn-based strategy game that allows players to control armies of different units and battle against other players or computer-controlled opponents. The game features a unique campaign mode that allows players to take on the role of different commanders and conquer different territories.

Best Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’ PS4 game tips.

In Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’, players must use their cunning and strategy to defeat their opponents. Here are some tips to help you win: 1. Use your units wisely – each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Select the right unit for the right job, and use them in the right way to achieve victory. 2. Plan your moves carefully – each turn is crucial, as your opponent can counterattack at any time. Make sure you consider all the possible outcomes of your actions, and choose the best course of action for your team. 3. Use terrain to your advantage – cover your units from enemy fire, or use cliffs to block enemy movement routes. Use everything at your disposal to gain an edge over your opponents!

Best Alternatives to Tactics V: ‘Obsidian Brigade’

1. XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – A sequel to the critically acclaimed strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, set in the world of The Chosen, a new expansion for the game. 2. Fire Emblem Warriors – A hack and slash action game for the Nintendo Switch that combines characters and stories from across the Fire Emblem series into one epic adventure. 3. Shadow of the Colossus – A classic action-adventure game that tells the story of a young man who must travel across a hostile land in search of Colossi, giant creatures that can be captured and tamed. 4. Nioh – An intense samurai action-RPG set in an expansive world full of demons and monsters. Players must use swords, spears, and magic to fight their way through legions of enemies to take back Japan from evil forces.


1. Develop a strong narrative and characters for your game. 2. Create a compelling world with interesting lore and settings. 3. Use innovative gameplay mechanics to keep players engaged. 4. Create an immersive and exciting game experience for all players.

Game Details

  • Developer: From Nothing Game Studios
  • Genre: Role Playing Games, Strategy, Role Playing Games
  • Release date: 8/09/2019
  • PlayStation Store: Game

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