All about Super Exploding Zoo! PS4 game

All about Super Exploding Zoo! PS4 game

Super Exploding Zoo is a physics-based puzzle game for PS4. In the game, you play as a zookeeper who must save the animals from an exploding zoo. The game features over 150 levels, and players can unlock new animals and levels by completing challenges.

Explain Super Exploding Zoo! PS4 Gameplay

Super Exploding Zoo is a physics-based puzzle game for the PlayStation 4. The player controls a zoo animal that must help other animals escape from a collapsing building. The player must use the animal’s body to push and pull objects, as well as jump on platforms, to help the other animals escape.

Why to play Super Exploding Zoo! PS4 game

Super Exploding Zoo! is a fun and addictive game that can be played on PlayStation 4. The game is a puzzle game that requires players to use their brain to figure out how to destroy the animals in the zoo. The goal of the game is to destroy all of the animals in the zoo as quickly as possible.

Best Super Exploding Zoo! PS4 game tips.

Super Exploding Zoo! is a puzzle game where you must use your skills to help the zoo animals escape from the exploding building. Collect coins and power-ups to help you along the way.

Best Alternatives to Super Exploding Zoo!

1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf – This game is a life simulator where you can live in a town with other animals. You can customize your home, and do things like fishing and gardening.

2. Stardew Valley – This game is a farming simulator where you can manage your own farm, grow crops, raise animals, and trade with other players.

3. Minecraft – This game is an open-world sandbox game where you can build anything you want using blocks of different colors. You can also play with friends online or offline.

4. The Sims 4 – This game lets you control the lives of people in a virtual world, including their careers, relationships, and daily activities.


We are currently developing a PS4 game called “Super Exploding Zoo!”

Game Details

  • Developer: Honeyslug Limited
  • Genre: nan
  • Release date: 42041
  • PlayStation Store: Game

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