All about Deiland PS4 game

All about Deiland PS4 game

Deiland is a new and unique platform game for PlayStation 4. You play as a small creature who must help guide its friends to safety in a dangerous world. Use your wits and agility to navigate obstacles and solve puzzles, all while avoiding deadly creatures and traps.

Explain Deiland PS4 Gameplay

Deiland is a PlayStation 4 game that was released in 2018. The game is a platformer that takes place in a world where the player controls a character who can transform into different animals. The game has online multiplayer, and the player can compete against other players or cooperatively play together.

Why to play Deiland PS4 game

There are many reasons to play Deiland PS4 game. Some people enjoy playing games that are based in reality, while others may enjoy the challenge of completing difficult tasks. Additionally, many people find the game to be entertaining and engaging.

Best Deiland PS4 game tips.

Deiland is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a relaxing getaway. The beaches are beautiful and the locals are friendly and welcoming. There’s plenty to do in the area, including hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing.

Best Alternatives to Deiland

1. Fortnite
2. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
3. Apex Legends
4. Halo 5: Guardians
5. Gears of War 4


Deiland PS4 development started in early 2014 by a small team of developers. The game was originally planned to be released in late 2015, but due to various delays the game was finally released in early 2018.

Game Details

  • Developer: CHIBIG, S.L.U.
  • Genre: Adventure, Family, Role Playing Games
  • Release date: 5/03/2018
  • PlayStation Store: Game

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